The products you need are selected and added to the basket, after which you must select the Basket icon on the menu at the top. Next, the system will guide you through the steps from filling in personal data to completing the purchase and paying for the goods. If you have a promo code, then it must be applied before paying for the purchase by typing the code into the window offered by the system. If you are not registered as a customer, you can register before making a payment.

No, you can order goods for any amount convenient for you. Please note that shipping within Italy is free for orders over 50 euros, and shipping to EU countries is free for orders over 100 euros.

The right to withdraw an order corresponds to art. 64 and ss. Legislative Decree n. 206/05 (Diritto di Recesso dell’art. 64 e ss. del D. Lgs. 206/05), which allows the distance selling consumer to cancel the order within 10 working days after placing the order. The right to cancel an order must be exercised by registered mail with reception acknowledgement, e-mail or other form of communication, followed by a registered mail with reception acknowledgement within 48 hours. A registered mail must contain the name, surname and address of the consumer, as well as a copy of the receipt received electronically by e-mail at the time of purchase. The right of withdrawal applies only to goods that have not yet been sent or, if they were sent to the consumer, then when they are returned to the manufacturer, there are no traces of use of the goods, namely, they are returned safe and sound with the original seal and intact packaging, with shipping costs covered by the consumer.

Each registered user gets access to a personal account where you can track all completed orders, as well as their status and delivery date.

Purchase returns

Refunds are made only after the consumer has exercised the right of withdrawal, as described in the section “Can I cancel an order?”.

The consumer must provide their PayPal details by registered mail with reception acknowledgement or, in the absence of PayPal, their bank details.

To comply with anti-money laundering rules, the PayPal account name or bank details must exactly match the name of the consumer who has exercised the right of withdrawal.

Payments and Security

Payments are fully managed by independent certified third party modules such as PayPal or Stripe and no sensitive transaction related data is ever received or transmitted through Vilight Beauty’s servers. An independent module confirms the payment to Vilight Beauty if the operation was successful, without transferring any other client data to other parties.

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Stripe

A payment receipt is automatically sent by email.

An electronic invoice is issued automatically for cosmetologists. Clients who are not cosmetologists can ask for an invoice via email by sending a request to operations@vilight.it.


Delivery cost to EU countries is 15 euros.

For orders over 100 euros, delivery is free of charge.

The cost of delivery within Italy is 15 euros.

For orders over 50 euros, delivery is free of charge.

Delivery time within Italy is from 2 to 5 business days.

Delivery time to EU countries is from 10 days to 1 month, depending on the location of the recipient.


All Vilight Beauty products are marked on the packaging with the PAO (Period After Opening) symbol, indicating the number of months during which the product can be used without harm to the consumer after opening the package.